Save Serendip Sanctuary

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The future of Serendip Sanctuary is at risk. The You Yangs Precinct Master Plan has recently been released and the future of Serendip Sanctuary looks bleak.

Despite recognising up close wildlife encounters as a key value during it's initial consultation, and noting the opportunity for increased tourism from the expanding international Avalon Airport, the plan removes all capacity for these experiences, relegating Serendip to an urban park, not a Sanctuary.

The plan calls for removal of all captive breeding enclosures and other wildlife enclosures, resulting in a 'spontaneous wildlife viewing experience.' With the proximity of Serendip Sanctuary to the growing township of Lara, wildlife will feel threatened and leave the area. The removal of predator proof fences would result in the decimation of species which currently breed naturally within its protected area.

Removal of all captive breeding capacity is short sighted and must be stopped. In a time when native species are threatened by habitat loss due to urban sprawl and climate change, and with the devastating bushfires of last year causing astronomical losses to our native species, now is not the time to be reducing our commitment to saving our native species.

We ask that Parks Victoria reconsider their proposal and maintain an active captive breeding program at Serendip Sanctuary. We want to continue to have the opportunity to enjoy up close wildlife encounters, with expansive wildlife enclosures, allowing native species to feel safe within the sanctuary grounds and promote the sanctuary as a place where tourists from near and far can come for a captivating, informative and intimate look at Australian Wildlife.

Please sign this petition to demand a change to the You Yangs Precinct Master Plan that considers Wildlife Conservation at Serendip Sanctuary as a core value.