Stop NYC Parks "Starvation Campaign" of our Squirrels & Birds

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On March 1st, 2019. NYC Parks held a public hearing on March 1st on proposed Rule “Prohibition on Feeding Wildlife in Parks”. 

The new rule would define feeding wildlife as "animal abuse" and would penalize people who feed the same way as people who torture or kill wildlife.
The proposed rule seeks to make criminals (fines and possible jail time) out of those who feed the wildlife in NYC Parks. Ideally,  there should be natural food sources in the parks for the wildlife before a ban is drafted that would potentially starve them or force them to eat trash or leave the park's ground to forage on city streets.

Our main concern is the "lack of natural Food Sources in NYC Parks. No longer are there trees that provided the nuts, seeds, or fruits for our birds and squirrels. In fact, insect resistant grasses, insect repellant plants and pesticides killed all the insects that the birds need to eat. Now NYC Parks and the Mayor want to eliminate the HUMAN support and criminalize the few feeders, seniors, disabled, children, etc.

CALL, EMAIL, SIGN Petition. A few seconds can make a big difference for our birds, squirrels, seniors, children, etc.

EMAIL NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver

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However, this proposed Rule has opened the discussion of how NYC Parks ignores the welfare of the squirrels and birds in most of our city parks. NYC Parks demand that squirrels forage as they do in the wild, except NYC Parks is not the wild. Trees in the park do not supply sustainable food sources for the wildlife so they cannot seek foods with proper nutrients in an environment that, by design, does not contain what they need to survive. They don’t even have a reliable source for water.  Yet, NYC Parks blames wildlife feeders for disturbing the healthy balance between the wildlife and their habitats.

If NYC Parks seeks to reduce the rat population as it claims, it must encourage park visitors to properly dispose of garbage. NYC Parks should initiate a plan to educate park visitors instead of criminalizing and penalizing them.

This petition requests our Parks Commissioner and the Parks Agency to NOT proceed with any prohibition on feeding Wildlife in NYC Parks and to seek ways to improve the lives of  wildlife in the parks by providing them with water and natural food sources while educating the public, especially those who feed the wildlife about the NYC Parks Wildlife.

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