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Stop Endangering Wildlife in Banff National Park

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Feeding, getting too close or harming wildlife is illegal in the National Park with fees of up to $25,000 but for some reason Parks Canada gives a warning or only a slap on the wrist and sometimes a fine. Even when a fine is issued all that means is they have to make an appearance in court and then the judge decides the fine. Not sure how that works as most people are international and most likely never make their court appearance and there are no consequences. 

When you feed an animal it learns humans mean food. It will approach people expecting food, making them aggressive when they don't get it and relying on this source of food instead of searching it out in their habitat. Most people don't know how to handle an animal when it approaches them, causing the animal to false charge or actually attack.When animals attack humans the animals are the ones who are punished. Either with relocation which is stressful, new environment and breeding and feeding grounds or they are euthanized. 

I think the penalty for such actions should be a $10,000 fine and a mandatory class on co-existing with wildlife. Make it possible for wardens to issue fines directly. Whenever possible relocation to animal sanctuaries should be the top option. Killing animals shouldn't be an easy choice, so let's stop making it! Let's switch the punishment to the humans who should know better and keep the animals alive!

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