To be able to keep my kangaroo Roger

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I am in a battle with authorities (parks and wildlife Tasmania dpipwe) as i try  to keep my young kangaroo called Roger on my property to run with his “mob” – a menagerie of animals including a husky and a fallow deer.

My name is Brett Marthick when I meet you at my rural property at Smithton, i have a constant companion by my side.

But unlike most homeowners, that companion is not a dog or a cat. My  furry friend is a young eastern grey kangaroo who in turn has a fallow deer called Hope as his best mate.

I loves Roger and have raised him since a young joey. He is now 15 months old and still being hand-fed four bottles of milk a day. The young roo also sleeps inside the house.

But soon, Roger could be relocated under protest to a wildlife park more than 100km away.

my permit to keep the young kangaroo expires in two weeks and I am pleading with authorities (parks and wildlife Tasmania dpipwe) for Roger to stay where he has grown up.

“He will need to be sedated to be moved and will be totally lost when he comes to,”

“Roger is just like a kid to me and I’ve spoiled him rotten. We are very attached. “He is like my shadow, he frets without me and will not let anyone else feed him.”

Roger the eastern grey kangaroo and fallow deer Hope.
I am also battling a range of serious health conditions and says looking after Roger gives him a reason to get up of a morning and Roger has also bought me out of a very dark and depressed place from when I was really sick, Roger has helped me in so many different ways, not all angles have wings!.

In an email, i was told Roger was still young enough to be rehabilitated and the “best outcome” for him would be to be relocated and integrated with a mob.

I acknowledges that eastern grey kangaroos are a mob animal.

“Roger might not have any other kangaroos to mob with here but he has my other animals that are his friends. We are his mob and I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep him.

“I have heard that early next year there will be a cull of 50,000 eastern grey kangaroos in Tasmania through crop protection permits. What is the big deal about me having one here happy and at home on my five acres?”

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