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Parkland Hospital Physician Loses a 178-Page Patient Medical Record and County Does Nothing!


Medical records privacy and safeguarding are required under law. By allowing a hospital, doctor or medical center to skate liability undermines the entire purpose of why HIPAA exists. Additionally, as reported by the Texas State Dept of Health, Parkland, within the last year has embarrassing violations! They had a single Administrative Penalty in August 2012 for $1 million! Then, four months later, had another fine for $10,000 for not complying with their corrective action plan due to their August $1 million penalty! The state of Texas lists Medical Records violations on their report on line two!  What a surprise!  Compare Parkland with all the other state hospitals/medical centers in Texas.  Parkland is dangerous and needs to be closed down!!  How can a county hospital such as Parkland get fined 50 times of what all of the hospitals in the state of Texas combined!  And how disgusting is this: One of the violations was for employees' failure to wash their hands!!

Letter to
President of the United States of America President Barack Obama
United States Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius
Texas Dept of State Health Services Dale W Wilson
and 12 others
Texas Medical Board, Senior Investigator Kara Kirby
US Dept of Health & Human Services/Office for Civil Rights Cecilia Velastegui
Vice President of the United States of America Vice President Joe Biden
Physician Dr. Mark Alan Swancutt
Parkland Health & Hospital System, Senior Associate General Counsel Brenda Neel Hight
University of Texas System, Attorney for UT Southwestern Timothy Boughal
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Director of Medical Risk Management Joan Porter
Parkland Health & Hospital System, Privacy Director Chris Killgore-Lannan
Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia
Texas Medical Board Sabrina Johnson
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Release of Information Supervisor Donna Granger
Senior Attorney, Parkland Health & Hospital System Thao La
Parkland Health & Hospital System, UT Southwestern Medical Center and Dr. Mark Alan Swancutt need to be held accountable for losing a patient's medical record. Dallas County Commissioners have turned their backs to resolve this issue. Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia appoints Parkland's Vice Presidents, yet has not held anyone accountable. Dr. Mark Alan Swancutt admitted to losing the medical record! I was a patient of Parkland who had a UT Southwestern physician (not that I ever knew that at the time)! Parkland points the finger at UT Southwestern and UT Southwestern points the finger back at Parkland, NO ONE is accountable. Parkland is a county hospital. CUT OFF PARKLAND'S TAX MONEY UNTIL THEY BECOME COMPETENT! THEY HAVE ALREADY KILLED PEOPLE AND WERE FOUND TO BE GROSSLY DEFICIENT BY THE STATE OF TEXAS AND THE US DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES!

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