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Parking and design review concerns with proposed project at 6917 California Ave SW (DPD Project #3016077),

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We, the residents of the neighborhood around the proposed 30-unit apartment development at 6917 California Ave SW (DPD Project #3016077), demand that the project developer and the DPD engage with us to address our regarding our concerns with the project:

  1. Lack of onsite parking included in the project plan will adversely impact the surrounding neighborhood.  Many neighborhood residents are greatly concerned about the negative impacts of this, and request that some onsite parking be included in this project.  


    30 apartment units, no matter in an urban village or how close to transit, will require accommodation of many additional vehicles in the area.  Many households will require vehicles for commuting to work and shopping (similar projects in Seattle have seen an average of .5-.75 cars/unit), along with  family or visitors needing to park in the area.  Realistically, this project will add 15-20 vehicles on a typical day, and up to 20-30 on evenings and weekends.  Street parking on California Ave, Mills, Willow and Holly streets are already at or over capacity for families and residents on those streets; this project will greatly exacerbate the problem.  In addition, many tenants in Seattle still do seek/require offstreet parking and are willing to pay a premium for it; it will be in the developers best financial interest in leasing units more easily and at a premium, to include some onsite parking.

  2. The lack of any design review of the project by the developer, Blueprint Capitol Holdings LLC, with neighborhood residents who will be significantly impacted by this project is of great concern by many neighborhood residents.


    any project of this size and scope will have a direct and long term impact on the aesthetics and character of the surrounding neighborhood, which in this case is 85% single family residential.  We find it unacceptable for this project to proceed without adequate opportunity for the neighborhood residents to have access and input to the project design and planning, and request that DPD and/or the developer participate in, gather feedback from, and make good faith effort to incorporate feedback from the surrounding neighborhood residents.

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