Rent price decrease for tenants

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Hello Tenants, 

I'm creating this petition in hopes we all benefit from what is going on due to COVID-19. I've been a 5-year tenant at Park La Brea and not noticed till recent issues that have been happening with my rent. I have talked to a few neighbors as well and felt the need to start this petition. Park La Brea first tried to raise my rent during this time which I had stated in an email that is illegal, they have also tried to tack on late fees in certain areas which are illegal, give parking tickets that can't be enforced, and on top of that, they're having new tenants rent be way lower for the same apartment building I live in. New renters are getting around $1,000 less a month on their rent than me for the same exact apartment. They're currently giving new tenants this huge discount but asking renters who have been loyal to pack up completely and move to get the discount. 

So this petition is for all of us who are not okay with the fact that new renters get a discount and also not okay that we have to move out of our place to get this deal either which is a huge health code as well to move during this time. They're also doing sneaky fees that if you are looking close enough you will not catch. 

I would love for you to sign this petition in hopes we all benefit from getting our rent lowered during this time and to hopefully stop them from screwing us!