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Remove Ice Cream Sales from Park Hill Elementary Schools

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On December 1, I joined my daughter for lunch at her school.  It was my birthday and I was excited to spend special one-on-one time with her.  Instead of my giving her my undivided attention, I spent the whole lunch gawking at the number of kids eating push pop ice cream snacks.  They were big, green in color and impossible to ignore.  All the children eating them looked like they were in heaven.

I observed a few things during that lunch that I've been unable to let go.  There were students who didn't have the ice cream and looked upset and even sad.  I was also astounded at the time it took to eat these ice cream snacks.  When given a frozen treat and hot lunch at the same time, these kids did the smart thing.  They ate the ice cream before it melted.  I watched in awe as the majority of their lunchtime was spent on the ice cream treat.  

I am petitioning the Park Hill Director of Food Services to remove the ice cream sales in Elementary Schools, for students who are in Kindergarten - 5th grade.  The reasons are threefold:

1.  Inequality.   Concern about students who are receiving free and reduced lunch not receiving this snack while other students are buying twice per week.  This type of inequality can cause teasing and hurt feelings for children.  

2.  Obesity.  Childhood obesity is the number one concern of parents, with 1/3 children being overweight or obese.  While the ice cream snacks fall under smart snack guidelines and have less sugar and fat than normal ice cream, I still believe they are unnecessary for healthy diets.  Treats for children come often.  I think this is an extra one that causes more problems than it serves.  

3.  Time.  Lunch in elementary schools is short - less than 20 minutes.  Ice cream is a slowly eaten, melting snack and is given at the same time as the students' lunch. I have observed that students eat it first and sometimes, not the remainder of their lunch.

Ice cream sales are being reintroduced in all the elementary schools because it has always been done that way.  Administrators tell me that the choice has to be given to students and parents.  I believe that we can do better and we must do better, for our children and schools.  If you agree, please sign the petition to let administrators know you would like ice cream snacks sales removed from our schools.  Please add the school your children attend and their grade level in the comment section and any other comments you would like to add!  

Thank you for your time!

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