Reconnect Wildlife Habitat & Preserve the Local Climate in Park City, UT

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Wide-ranging animals spread seed, fertilize and moisten soil, eat and stomp down grasses, and provide sustenance for smaller animals, birds, and insects. Herding animals thus, facilitate decomposition, woody plants and regrowth of diverse plant-life, and protect local climate and economy by reducing the number of wildfires.

Utah Department Of Transportation (UDOT) reports 33 wildlife-vehicle collisions with moose, deer, or elk in the vicinity of Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC)’s McPolin farm conservation land between 9/22/15 and 3/31/17. Because only ½ to 2/3 rd of wildlife-vehicle collisions are reported to UDOT, the real number is closer  to 50 to 65 such collisions. The costs of vehicle damage and human injury alone make it cost-effective to build wildlife road crossings and fencing.  

We, the undersigned Park City residents, support PCMC’s reconnecting and preserving local wildlife habitat by constructing one or more wildlife road crossing structures and wildlife fencing on its McPolin farm conservation land during PCMC’s next planned SR-224 road reconstruction project.