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Park Cities YMCA - Revert back to random drawings for youth sports teams

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Quote from the YMCA website – “Our Youth Sports philosophy is to allow kids to participate in a noncompetitive program with an emphasis on fun, development of character, and fair play. At the YMCA, everyone is a winner!"

A decision was made by the Park Cities YMCA (at this time who made the change is unknown) to change all youth sports programs to have pre-formed teams instead of random draw regardless of sport, age, or gender (excluding tackle football).  The reason for this change is unknown to me.  I emailed the sports department and did not receive a reply.  Greg Pappas, Executive Director, told me that the sports department made the change on completely on their own based on an email survey and input from a few parents.  In addition the volunteer youth sports committee, that acts as a sounding board, provides guidance, and runs interference between parents and the YMCA staff, was never asked for input on a policy change.  Many of the committee members were very disappointed that the YMCA sprung the decision on them, without notice and without their input.  This change does nothing for our community but promote separation and exclusion.

I am petitioning the YMCA, Gregg Pappas and Lindsay Kirkpatrick to reconsider their change and revert from coaches having to pre-form their teams to a random draw.  Their decision to change goes completely against their philosophy as an organization.  I would also like the YMCA to fully explain their decision and reasoning of why they changed the format, why they did not ask the advice of the youth sports committee, and why this change is best for the children instead of their pocket book.

Also from the Y’s website “YMCA youth sports focuses on nurturing kids true potential. Whether your child joins one of our basketball leagues or your toddlers plays in a T-Ball team they'll both discover a sports program that emphasizes developing sportsmanship. Additionally they will enjoy making new friends, and most of all they will have fun! All players enjoy equal play time, no try-outs and supportive volunteer coaches who are parents just like you.”

How will having pre-formed teams - 

1.    Nurture kids true potential?

2.    Emphasize developing sportsmanship?

3.    Enjoy making new friends?

4.    Have fun?

5.    Eliminate no try outs?

Please sign the petition and urge the YMCA to reconsider their position and explain their actions.


Note:  If the sports department was forced to make this change by the Board of Management or Executive Team, then I apologize for any inference that they acted alone, as I was told by the executive director that it was solely their decision. 

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