Expand adoption eligibility to all single, live-in and LGBTIQ persons #Covid19Emergency

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This pandemic has brought in thousands of stories of death and illness. Of these stories are stories of children who have lost both their parents and some children have their entire families wiped off by the covid massacre.

This is also the time which sees the best of humanity come out of their shells and do everything they can to restore life and normalcy in this time of utter devastation. Many of whom would be willing to adopt and foster young children orphaned by Covid-19. SIGN MY PETITION

Desperate times call for deploying prompt affirmative steps. I request you to extend Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) guidelines to make it possible for unmarried persons of all genders and sexes, live in couples of all genders and sexes, and people who identify as sexual minorities or gender minorities to adopt children affected by Covid-19.

I understand that CARA has guidelines for verification and due diligence every adopter has to follow. I rely on you to enable us as a nation to rise up from our age old unconscious and conscious biases against queer, live in and single people who wish to adopt children.

With your intervention, we could join the league of several progressive nations that have humanely expanded their adoption policy to include everyone on the sole criteria that they will be able to provide a safe and promising future for the child.