Removal of Coach Toby Hess (Marina High School Head Baseball) from his position.

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We are genuinely concerned about the impact that Toby Hess's coaching style has on our current student athletes; as well as upcoming student athletes in this program. While under his leadership Toby Hess has manipulated and bullied the players to conform to his ways. Toby Hess has made the manipulation of players more important than their growth and development as baseball players. He basically has complete disregard to developing their baseball skills, techniques, building individual strength and confidence.  We encourage parents, students, family and community members to sign this petition in support of the removal of Toby Hess. The hiring of a new and highly qualified head baseball coach for the 2018-2019 season.  

Reason for Removal: 

  • Toby Hess operates and interacts with players based solely off fear and intimidation. 
  • Toby Hess targets players using bully-like behavior, mind games, yelling, intimidation, threats, passive-aggressive behavior, singles out players and makes “examples of” them during practices, devalues them with ranking systems, unequally enforced punishment, and calls players names during practice and games.
  • An incident this season where after becoming mad with players after practice, Toby locked the varsity players on the field and walked off. Leaving players to scale a 10 ft high fence in the dark with cleats on. Parents questioned Michelle Spencer and Kevin Fairman and were provided downplayed accounts. Spencer & Fairman's accounts of what happened actually contradicted each other. Multiple players reported they yelled for Hess to come and unlock the gates, he would not. In any position within the school district, this would be grounds for termination.
  • Hess abuses his power and young self-esteem is being damaged as a result.
  • Players have quit the baseball program due to his tactics, more potential players will not try out for baseball because of him and players will leave Marina because of Hess. 
  • Toby Hess has been careless with the booster funds. Recklessly spending on unnecessary items: A River Rafting Trip, Donations to Marina Choir, Disneyland & Prizes, ongoing senior player dinners. He established a Coaches Discretionary Fund where deposits and withdrawls are not transparent, illegal. 
  • Toby Hess's behavior has had the effect of a classic abuse situation – players are afraid to speak up for fear of additional punishment or worse treatment and parents who do find out hesitate to speak up either because previous complaints have gone nowhere and/or they do not want to make the situation worse for their son and/or their siblings.
  • Stand up to Marina Administration and the HBUHSD District. Protect your son from this man. Stop the way this man is spending your money in unnecessary ways. 
  • This petition is not about playing time for players. This is about Marina High School administrators hiring someone who is not qualified for the position. Someone incapable of teaching and coaching the game of baseball. Which as a result has inflicted verbal, emotional and possible undue injury to some players.