Overpriced primary school books by Xseed Education

Overpriced primary school books by Xseed Education

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yogita aggarwal started this petition to Parents and

 I would like to share my pain and agony regarding the loot that's going on in the market in the name of education. My daughter is studying in class 3 and for past two years, their school is following curriculum based on Xseed education. I would like to highlight the basic problems and issues me as a parent is facing:

1. The cost of their book set is exorbitant (more than Rs 4000 for primary class like 1st, 2nd and 3rd) 

2. Theirs books and workbooks have many questions but they have not given their solutions any where. They say that they have provided them to school but as an independent parent I wish to have the same as I want my child to complete all the portion which was not completed in her class. This becomes more important in the ongoing pandemic scenario when classes are happening online.

3. They have unnecessarily increased the number of books and their each books generally have 50- 60 pages only. In this way they charge more money per book and also waste too much paper in cover pages and all. Exercise templates are similar for many chapters and shows lack of creativity in designing the content that may attract kids to develop interest in completing the exercises. 

4. They force parents to buy their complete set as they deny selling individual books such as work books. Also with very few changes every year, they increase price further. There have been cases where siblings are only a grade or two apart and parents wish to repeat content books and buy their workbooks but they don't allow it and force them to buy complete set every time. Is this not plundering? 

5. Their workbooks (which are priced almost 300 per book) hardly have 50 pages and every fourth page even in such over priced books are complete repetition {further wastage of money and natural resources}.

6. They do tie ups with school managements and force parents to buy their complete sets either from school or from their designated shopkeepers (leaving parents helpless to buy at the dictated price, this is surely an anti-competitive practice). As a parent we don't have any choice in terms of which books should my child study. 

7. The products listed on their website and the one they sale in school are differently named (though I'm not sure whether they differ in content too). Their website URL is: https://homedelivery.xseededucation.in/collections

8. Their books are full of errors and misprints. A lot of people have posted online complaints about the same but to no avail. See the link for ready reference https://www.quora.com/Why-does-Xseed-books-charge-much-as-compared-to-other-books-Schools-started-business-out-of-it 

9. When I raised my concerns to them, they compromised mine and my child's identity with the school which is unethical approach to amend their mistake. 

Sir, my issues are not just concentrated as an independent parent but also as a conscious human too. In today's time of global warming, every one is doing their bit to become environment friendly, at such time where we are at the brink of global climate catastrophe, forcing each and every child to buy complete book set new every year is a moral crime. Moreover, are school books a medium of profiteering through forcing parents to buy books at exorbitant price without giving them any option? Its highly unethical, anticompetitive and cartel-like approach to the kids education. 

Even in developed countries like America, students use old text books and buy workbooks only each year but here in India, where education is a luxury, we are forced to buy new books year after year. 
Schools are the place where children learn about sustainability and in such places with practices like this and plunderers like Xseed what example are we setting for our future generations? 

I think it is high time to intervene and stop such malpractices and give some power to helpless parents. 

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