Twin Law in every state in USA

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Permits a parent or guardian of twins or higher order multiples to request that such children be placed in the same classroom or separate classrooms. As parents, of twins, I would like to be able to have the opportunity to determine whether my children are kept in the same class or separated. Many states are converting, but not fast enough. The school system places children based on convenience not on children's needs. It's what the principals feel make a well-balanced classroom concerning numbers, not learning. We know our children, we also know how they are with their sibling. On occasion, when you have twins the first year could be traumatic for them especially if you separate them. They become upset and confused, and instead of learning in a relaxed environment they are panicking about their sibling. Principals will argue that is is better for development to separate twins, but no empirical evidence supports this theory. It would also mean that we should separate them at home as well. The petition could apply to parents who have singletons as well you should have a right in the decision of where your children are placed.