Change the Fun on the Run school lunch option

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Oconomowoc school district residents please help us in altering the "Fun on the Run" Oconomowoc Elementary school lunch option!

The ‘Fun on the Run’ Oconomowoc Elementary school lunch option began Wednesday, March 1.  This new program is offered every day of the week as an alternative to hot lunch.  A few of these days include items such as a Pop Tart, animal crackers or a Rice Krispie Treat as their whole grain option. Other foods included are sugar ladened Trix yogurt and juice. One meal contains 50 grams of sugar when the maximum recommended daily dietary intake for a child is 37 grams.  Fruit is offered only a handful of days while a vegetable is not offered at all.  

Parents have been advised that children can seek out additional fruit or a vegetable at the school’s salad bar. However, we all know most children will not do this if given these ‘Fun on the Run’ options. Also, there are schools that don’t have a salad bar so a child couldn’t have an additional fruit or vegetable if they wanted to.  Most children will tend to choose the unhealthy, sugary food rather than a healthier one. The ‘Fun on the Run’ menu does just that- it appeals to their sugary appetite. Sodexo, a for profit company, created this option for our children’s school.  Sodexo benefits from the children purchasing this new lunch option.   Their incentive is to create meals that entice and appeal to children, not necessarily meals that are good for them. Not only does this option benefit Sodexo but it benefits all of the major food companies who make these processed foods. What better way to get kids addicted to your food item than to include it in their lunch every week. Kids will get hooked on these items and forever struggle with an addiction to sugar, refined carbohydrates which opens the gateway to obesity.

Children need foods which contain whole grains, fiber, protein and vitamins along with fruits and vegetables to feed their growing bodies.  Please join us in fighting Sodexo and ending this unhealthy lunch option. Help us to fight these large companies that target our children, encouraging them to eat these addictive foods which will make them customers for life. March is National Nutrition Month. Let's improve OASD school lunches!

Proposed Meals:
Protein: 1/4 cup edamame beans, ¼ black beans, turkey/ chicken slices,hard boiled egg, string cheese, yogurt (must contain less than 10 grams of sugar)
Fruit: 1 whole piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana, pear, etc.). 1/2 cup of fresh fruit (i.e. cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, mixed fruit, etc.)
Vegetables: 1 cup of vegetables (i.e. carrots, broccoli, salad (lettuce, kale, etc.) jicama sticks, celery sticks, peas, corn
Whole Grain: serving of a non-processed whole grain (quinoa, barley, brown rice, etc.), a whole grain roll/bread, whole grain crackers, Kashi bar, Larabar, whole wheat bread for a sandwhich. 

Lauren Flint, Jamie Hardt, Deana Mustas Binkelman 

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