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Calling for the Dismissal or Resignation of 3 Dekalb County School Employees

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The picture above shows Nick in happier times.  He was involved in JROTC all 4 years of high school and dreamed of a career in the military.  He has since lost some 30 pounds, is severely anxious and depressed, has begun self harming and talks about suicide nearly every day.  Everything he knew, was taken from him. 

In August 2017, Jill Adams, a Dekalb County School District employee and parent of a child attending Chamblee Charter High, began a felonious assault on the reputation and character of my child, Nicholas Sanchez.  Since then my son has been subjected to humiliation, degradation, ridicule, malice, negligence and re-education.  I am calling for the dismassal or resignation of Jill Adams, Rebacca Braaten Principal of Chamblee Charter High and Cindy Mosely, Principal of Discipline for their corrupt policies and procedures and the failure to effectively protect students under their care. According to the Professional Code of Conduct for Educators, : 

A principal of a school must (a) provide instructional leadership in the school; (b) ensure that the instruction provided by the teachers employed in the school is consistent with the courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to this Act; (c) evaluate or provide for the evaluation of programs offered in the school; (d) ensure that students in the school have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by the Minister; (e) direct the management of the school; (f) maintain order and discipline in the school and on the school grounds and during activities sponsored or approved by the board; (g) promote co-operation between the school and the community that it serves; (h) supervise the evaluation and advancement of students; (i) evaluate the teachers employed in the school; (j) subject to any applicable collective agreement and the principal’s contract of employment, carry out those duties that are assigned to the principal by the board in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the school council and the board. A school board may terminate a teacher’s designation if he/she cannot uphold these duties. Rebecca Braaten,  has seriously and flagrantly breached her designation as an educator. The irreperable damage done by the defamatory falsehoods of Jill Adams may have never come to fruition if she had upheld the duty of care that every child she serves, deserves!  Instead, they have exhibited gross malice and negligence, labeling and stigmatizing my son as detrimental to other students and harmful to the community. As educators, they were negligent in that you allowed  a silly break up, "puppy love" and a misunderstanding between two parties  to grow until effective communication between the parties concerned broke down. They had a responsibility to do what you could to prevent this from happening. When the problem first arose, they should have:  Assessed how it arose. • Analyzed each parties position and listed the facts that supported it. •  tried to discover ways, if any, in which the parties involved could compromise and find a solution. Few problems are entirely one-sided. Most include some common ground. • You could have made arrangements to meet with each party under conditions in which you had the time and the privacy to discuss the problem thoroughly and to arrive at solutions. • It is a sign of strength and maturity to take the initiative.  It is also your duty. The above approach could have come close to eliminating the problem.  Instead you chose to violate the Code of Professional Conduct, defaming Nick and causing undue damage and upheaval in his life. As stated in Clause 13, The word tort means crooked or twisted. Generally speaking, a tort is a wrong committed by one person against another. Some specific types of wrongs are assault, defamation and negligence. Negligence consists of not doing something a prudent and reasonable person would do or doing something that a prudent and reasonable person would not do. It can be the subject of a lawsuit between persons whenever there is a duty upon one person not to be negligent and when a breach of that duty occurs that causes damage to another person. Negligence exists where the activity or conduct on the part of the teacher creates an unreasonable chance of danger. When teachers ignore the danger or do not see the danger when they should, they may be held negligent if someone is injured as a result. The law recognizes different degrees of negligence. There is slight negligence which is failure to use great care; ordinary negligence, which is failure to use reasonable care; and gross negligence, which is failure to use any care at all.
 Every one of you chose to turn a blind eye and relented to the persuasive power used by Jill Adams in an all out attempt to annihilate my son.  Thereby, destroying his reputation, stigmatizing and labeling him as detrimental to other students enrolled at CCHS.  Defamation is manifested not only in words but by deeds and the defamatory misstatements made by Jill Adams were erroneously accepted as truth although, ultimately, they could not be defended successfully and the allegations of stalking and harrassment were deemed to be unfounded and frivilous by 2 State Court Judges; resulting in the dismissal of the Protective Order placed on Nick by Jill Adams.
  However, instead of accepting the findings of the court and following the standards of education, they chose to continue the assault on my child excluding him from all Chamblee High School activities on and off school grounds.  
    They failed Nick on every level kicking him out of school in the last semester of his Senior year. They have  acted with malice, intentionally and recklessly disrupting Nick's educational process excluding him from the school and the community.  Devaluing him as a person and inhibiting his potential growth and opportunities.  These acts will not go unnoticed or unpunished.  I fully intend to persue every avenue available to me to ensure that this never happens to another child in your care.  All of them are guilty of gross misconduct and have refused to obey lawful order and guidelines risking the safety of all students and co-workers.  I demand that any and all references to or about Nicholas Sanchez, cease and desist immediately and an apology be made vindicating his character, if only slightly!!
Nick has not violated any rule and has done no wrong to anyone.  I want a valid explanation as to why he was not allowed to enter the Homecoming Dance as the guest of another enrolled student.This exclusion is one more violation of the Professional Code of Conduct and another instance of gross malice on the part of CCHS.  The media has been notified and the corrupt policies and procedures of Chamblee High School will be a topic of discussion on Fox News.  Please sign so that no other child will go through the emotional pain my son has had to endure.

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