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Make Millham park a safer place for our kids and get the park finished once and for all

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Millham park in Bishops Cleeve has been left in a poor condition for quite some time now, with boulders and rocks left everywhere, the skate park has not been finished properly and the grounds that surround the area have not been finished to a health and safety standard as there is mud, rock's and stones that can easily be kicked onto the ramps, which makes it a danger to children that use it. As my 11 year old son found out recently , he hit a stone on the ramp and came off his scooter at speed ,face first onto the concrete and was rushed to hospital. He needed 5 stitches to his lip , has concussion and possible broken nose. If the area surrounding the skate park had been finished off properly with either concrete, astroturf or tarmac, without the risk of stones , and boulders getting on to the ramps this accident could've been avoided. 

There is a large area that has just been left abandoned with over growing weeds , and boulders and bricks buried beneath, which looks an eye sore and could be made a much nicer place with a few picnic benches for kids to enjoy in the summer.

Also the flood lights at the park have never been in use which also makes it dangerous for children to play in the evenings over winter months when it's darker at 5-6 pm. (These flood lights could be on a timer and turned off at about 8pm when most kids are getting tucked into bed).We've had to stand over the skate park ( as parents) with torches to ensure that our kids can still play safe in the evenings and enjoy what they like doing. Just one flood light over the skate park would be sufficient to cover the skate area and also deter teenagers from congregating there in the evenings as neighbours would be able to keep an eye on what goes on, without lighting it's pitch black.

I've been in touch with Bovis Homes who own the land and reported the incident to them who have looked into the state of the park and they're due out to see me this coming Tuesday 2nd June. 

I am trying to get this petition up and running to try and push for our local park to become a safer place for our children, it's been left abandoned and unfinished for far too long now and I hope us as parents can push for Bovis Homes to get it finished.

If anyone has any ideas that could help improve our park , please let me know your thoughts and i'll put them forward to Bovis Homes.

Please help and sign the petition, before another child gets seriously injured!!

Thanks, Fran 

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