Honor Ahmaud Arbery

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Date: May 21, 2020
From: Members of the Physician Mom’s Group (PMG) Re: Concerns of prosecutorial misconduct

Dear Sir/Madam,

This communication has been penned with the deepest respect and in hopes to underscore the concerns of many members of the Physician Mom’s Group (PMG) regarding the case of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery.

We are aware that the Glynn County community is currently in both the national and international spotlight, understandably so. The world is questioning the unprovoked attack on Mr. Arbery, his resulting murder, and the prosecutorial delay of his assailants and their accomplices.

While the world is processing the grotesque details, we the undersigned members of the PMG, feel called to action. We are a group of physician-mothers across this country.  As physicians, we tirelessly work under the foundational premise that all people, irrespective of ethnicity, demographics, or any other external factor are valuable.  The fact that Mr. Arbery’s life has been taken because of the color of his skin we find unacceptable and against our values as physicians and mothers.  We wholeheartedly pray for our children an unyielding protection against injustice.

Understandably, we cannot comprehend how this murderous act went without investigation or prosecution until it reached international headlines. Moreover, we feel compelled to call forward the question of prosecutorial misconduct. Please find attached the signatures of citizens, mothers, and physicians who are calling for the immediate resignation of Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson and George Barnhill. Additionally, we demand an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct on behalf of the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office and the Waycross District Attorney’s Office.

Although this atrocious act has placed a permanent stain on our country and the delay in justice cannot be undone, we still have the opportunity to show the merits of our judicial system. The world is watching; let us demonstrate that we understand the absolute value of all life. Let us be able to teach our children that justice can in fact be a steadfast assurance for all human life. The co-signers of this letter trust that our concerns are met with an immediate and tangible response.

Members of the Physician Moms Group