Give teachers the option to teach virtually or physically

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This petition is in support of the teachers' petition to boycott the school with their sick days because the Tredyffrin Easttown School District requires all teachers to go physically to school while students have the option to go hybrid or virtual. The primary goal is to force the school board to allow the option for both physical and virtual teaching for teachers.

As a student at Conestoga High School, I am very concerned about my teachers' wellbeing. People often compare the teachers with doctors and how they are required to go to work in hazardous environments, but teachers never signed up for hazardous work, and unlike doctors, they can work virtually. I am in no way trying to slandering the school district in a bad light but after seeing the toll teachers are forced to deal with, I need to make this message clear to parents and students. A teacher was fired because she was unable to teach physically due to a health condition, she proposed if she could teach all virtual but was forced to retire and work in a different school. My fellow classmate said, "She was almost in tears during my English class telling us she couldn’t teach us anymore." This is unacceptable considering the high standards the school has put for itself. I am afraid that this will become a domino effect, causing more teachers to quit due to safety concerns as the school has already received multiple confirmed cases of covid in the student and teacher body.

Parents, students, members of the school district, please support this petition to give teachers the assurance that they don't need to enter into a potentially hazardous environment in this already noteworthy year. 

Thank you, a student from Conestoga High School.