Richard Atkins resignation for Central Unified School Board due to Racist Statement

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How can Richard Atkins represent the public school system for our community; if he has hate for the minorities within the community he serves? As a trustee, we put trust in his authority to righteously take on the responsibility to advocate for our children's future. As a community, we hold people in power accountable for putting people like Richard Atkins in the position of authority with trust, you have all selected candidates who are aware of the communities demographics they'll be serving. In this case his poor choice to openly speak hatred towards the people within the community, displayed his injustice ability to morally do the right thing despite someones demographic background. 

With further ado, we demand Richard Atkins is asked to resign from his position due to his inability to fulfill his role as a School Board Trustee Area 4 responsible for engaging in his community. His role entails the ability to build and maintain a cultivated system that reflects local priorities, as well as values and expectations. In order for Richard to advocate for our community his must be willing to listen to the community to properly guide the work of school plans, policies, and properly allocate funding for our children's future, we put in his hand. 

Right now black lives are hurting, and his unconsciousness to stand with us displayed his personal feelings "Black Lives Don't Matter." With all do respect "Black Lives Matter" to us, and we will do all that is necessary to remove Richard Atkins out of authority, and replace him with someone who cares for all people equally despite their demographic background.