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Pardon Richard Masterson

Richard Allen Masterson is factually and legally innocent. He did not kill Darrin Honeycutt. Mr. Honeycutt died of a heart attack, not strangulation as the State theorized at trial. The State’s medical examiner, Paul Shrode, lied on his application for employment, and he lied every time that he took the stand to qualify as an expert witness. And he lied when he took the stand in Richard’s case. Mr. Shrode’s lack of education caused him to miss elementary cardiology principles and incorrectly determine the cause of death. Mr. Shrode was not exposed as a fraud until after Richard’s case.

The State of Texas has up to this point failed Richard Masterson, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and the Governor of Texas should act to stop the execution of an innocent man.

Please see for more information about the case.

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  • The Governor of Texas
  • The Texas Board of Parole and Pardons.

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