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Stop production of the Ringling Brothers movie

Paramount is describing this film as a fun family adventure in the spirit of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory or Night at the Museum. I'm pretty sure animals weren't perpetually abused in either of those stories. Ringling is a documented animal abuser and has received the largest fines for animal abuse from the USDA.

Portraying them in a fun filled manner where the abuse should be a crime and will only expand on the myth that circus animals lead a safe, healthy, and happy life.

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Letter to
Paramount Pictures
In 2011, the USDA issued a record setting fine to Ringling Brothers in regards to their treatment of animals. In addition to this fine, Ringling Brothers has a documented record of animal abuse ranging from physical and psychological abuse on one end of the spectrum, to inhumane death on the other end. This is true of virtually all circuses that still exploit animals as entertainers in traveling circuses.

In light of this, we ask that you reconsider production of the proposed Ringling Brothers movie. The movie is described as a fun family adventure akin to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Night at the Museum, and therefore, for the simple sake of entertainment, this film has the potential to not only trivialize the suffering circus animals endure, but also misinform your patrons about the plight of these animals.

There is a revitalized effort in the United States to encourage laws that fall in line with other civilized nations that have laws limiting or prohibiting the use of animals in circuses and Paramount has the opportunity to not only join this movement, but to display that compassion and justice trump entertainment and profit. We not only ask you to abandon the Ringling project, but welcome you to raise the bar for ethics in the entertainment industry by simply doing the right thing.


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