Cancel the Dora the Explorer movie!

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This film needs to be cancelled and scrapped for many reasons.

1. Dora the explorer is overrated.

2. Michael bay is attempting to produce it.

3. This film would ruin the franchise and would brain damage everyone’s minds and bring cancer to the whole world.

4. A teenage dora with her cousin is a dreadful idea.

5. Everyone including myself hates dora the explorer!

6. No one cares about dora the explorer anymore.

7. Michael Bay needs to be fired from nickelodeon movies for ruining people’s childhoods.

8. This film could get negative reviews.

So to Paramount pictures, Platinum Dunes and nickolodeon movies, I want you to get the proposed dora the explorer movie cancelled/axed for good! CANCEL THE MOVIE RIGHT NOOOOW! I MEAN IT!!! Also nickelodeon, we all love you, but we just don’t like and love Dora the Explorer.