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Paramedic bashers serve no jail, get off free!

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Amanda Warren, 31, and Caris Underwood, 20, punched and kicked veteran paramedic Paul Judd as he and another paramedic; Chenaye Bently tried to treat a patient at suburban Reservoir in April 2016. They were both intoxicated after a day-long binge on bourbon, champagne and cannabis.

Paul has still been unable to return to work after this incident and has had four operations on his foot to try and repair the horrific damaged caused by these two women.

Victorian laws introduced in 2014 demand a mandatory minimum jail term of six months for anyone who intentionally injures an emergency worker, unless there are “special reasons”. 

Warren, 31, was jailed for eight months and Underwood, 21, received four months when the pair were sentenced in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. However, both these women have appealed their sentences and the judge decided that neither woman would serve any jail time. This is disgusting that the justice system can treat our paramedics like this, what has to happen for a sentence to be served. These women are still out living their lives with no care and a smirk on their face, whilst the paramedics are living in fear.

“It is incomprehensible why anyone would assault an ambulance officer,”  “These are not authority figures. These are helping figures. This was an assault lasting some duration ... that requires denunciation by the court."

Please help by signing the petition to make it public that these women should be facing the consequences of the crime they have committed.


A side note - Caris Underwood is not a citizen of Australia, she never applied for her citizenship after moving here as a young child

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