#ClimateJustice4Kalimantan: End the 22 years of Borneo Forest Fire now!

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Do you know for 50 years until now, around 7 MILLION hectares of Borneo forests have been burnt? (atlas.cifor.org)

And do you know that the people of Kalimantan have been inhaling toxic smoke haze for 3-5 months every year, since 1997?

It’s been a long time that the leaders of this nation keep silent and do nothing to prevent climate change, save Kalimantan forests and protect people’s lives and children’s future. 

We, the youth of Kalimantan are in collective solidarity for KALIMANTAN CLIMATE STRIKE 20 - 27 SEPT to demand that the government: all Kalimantan Governors, President Jokowi, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry Mrs. Siti Nurbaya Bakar to give CLIMATE JUSTICE to Kalimantan IMMEDIATELY.

Three demands of #ClimateJustice4Kalimantan:

1. Release the NAME LIST OF THE COMPANIES that are responsible for fires to public and hold them to account. They are ENVIRONMENT DESTROYERS!

As per September 2019, there are more than 3000 hotspots (LAPAN) throughout the Kalimantan island! The fire locations are organized. There are many companies have been proven to cause the fires for plantation, yet there is no any single publication and punishment. We don't need your vows; we need your actions by punishing the companies that are proven guilty. ANNOUNCE THE NAMES, make them RESPONSIBLE for the damage they have caused. No need to talk about the dignity of the country if you are not able to defeat these destroyers. Give us #ClimateJustice now.

2. Protect our education and health by providing Haze Shelter in schools 

Public don’t know what PM2.5 is. Indonesia’s PM2.5 safe limit is 65 ug/m³, yet on 15 September 2019, the PM2.5 in Palangkaraya city reached 9821.01 ug/m³! It’s 150 times higher. The effects of inhaling PM2.5 over a long period are various health problems; URI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection), diarrhea, lung failure and even Nasopharynx cancer. We have seen by our own eyes the babies, children and elders die. The schools are closed. It is our rights to get proper health protection and the government MUST give it! By providing HAZE SHELTER (not house of oxygen, but clean room) in schools, we won’t sacrifice our education. We have rights to get education and be healthy at the same time. Protect the future of our generation.

3. STOP blaming the local farmers as the causes of fires

From year to year, as the forest fire and smoke haze crisis gets bigger, DAYAK FARMERS are framed as the main culprit of the mega-fires. But what about corporations that invaded the forests and indigenous peoples of Kalimantan? Who is clearing the land for plantation? First, the government ban them from doing their indigenous tradition. Second, they got often criminalized and threaten to be jailed up to 10 years. Farmers are not criminals. They are ones who protect the environment, as that is their resources of livelihood. We have seen so many farmers suffer because of fires burning their garden, yet they are blamed for everything. We demand government to release official apologize to farmers, especially Dayak farmers, publicly. 


To ALL Kalimantan Governors;

1. SUGIANTO SABRAN (Central Kalimantan),

2. SUTARMIDJI (West Kalimantan),

3. SAHBIRIN NOOR (South Kalimantan),

4. ISRAN NOOR (East Kalimantan),

5. IRIANTO LAMBRIE (North Kalimantan)

Also to PRESIDENT JOKO WIDODO and Minister of Forestry and Environment SITI NURBAYA BAKAR

We, KALIMANTAN CLIMATE STRIKE demand YOUR ACTION  to fulfill the demands of #ClimateJustice4Kalimantan: End the 22 years of Borneo Forest Fires Now! before the end of October. 

Students, youth and the indigenous communities of Kalimantan. 

We are the FUTURE. 

Join us in #KalimantanClimateStrike!