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Tell Papa John's to Stop Supporting Cage Cruelty

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Better ingredients, better pizza? Don’t believe it. Papa John may have a friendly face on TV, but don’t let that cheesy smile fool you: He’s got a dirty secret.

Papa John’s continues to source eggs from suppliers that confine hens in tiny wire cages. On its website Papa John’s claims to be “committed to the humane treatment of animals,” but the company’s actions deliver something different.

Papa John’s finds itself behind companies like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, IHOP, and over 100 other food companies that have pledged to move away from these cage farms. Papa John’s continues to source eggs from farms that confine hens so tightly they can’t even stretch a single wing and with no plan to stop. On these farms, hens are forced to live virtually their entire lives in a space roughly the size of an iPad and are denied the ability to participate in any normal behaviors. This causes them extreme stress and frustration.

There has been a clear shift away from this abusive practice, but Papa John’s is dragging its feet on the issue. It is time for Papa John’s to join its competitors and commit to moving away from cages.

Please sign our petition to let Papa John’s know that you will not support such a socially irresponsible company with your dining dollars.

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