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Investigate the Belfast County Council for the death of Lennox

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Lennox was taken from his family in 2010 by Belfast City Council for 'LOOKING' like a Pitbull type. He was sent to deathrow where he stayed for 2 years while his family and the public fought for his release. He was assessed and deemed to be aggressive by an unqualified BCC dog handler. The family called in 2 unbiased QUALIFIED dog behavourists to assess Lennox and they both came back with the same verdict that Lennox infact was not a menace to society. There are also pictures leaked of Lennox kissing the dog handler and giving her affection even though according to her he was the most dangerous and unpredictable dog she'd ever met . The courts dismissed any evidence that stated he wasn't an aggressive dog.

His condition whilst in their care was horrific losing fur and suffering an unknown injury on his neck. Lennox was also given anti depressants whilst inprisoned as he was so depressed. He was eventually put to death 2 years later July 2012 after a long drawn out court battles and appeals. The Barnes family had no chance to say goodbye to Lennox and was refused his body and was even denied his collar that was requested. There was an option for him to live abroad and even Victoria Stilwell well known dog trainer offered him a home and again this was refused. The family had an option offered by BCC for an exemption to death if the courts found Lennox safe in public however this was poorly portrayed to the judge and held the case up longer. Eventually the judge was made aware of this fact but he refused this option.

I am aware that whilst the case was going ahead the BCC suffered alot of abuse from some extremists which is not acceptable but I am one of many that believe that this was the driving force behing Lennox's outcome. Everybody wants to know what really happened to Lennox and to find out the truth regarding his care for the previous 2 years and his temperament. We all want to prevent this happening again in the future and together we can end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and stop hundreds of dogs dying needlessly. 

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