Ask Panic at the Disco Not to Support Rodeos

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I'm a big fan of Panic at the Disco and love their music. I recently attended one of the concerts which was one of the best I'd ever been to. As a fan, I was extremely disappointed to find out that PATD will be performing at a rodeo next month. Panic at the Disco regularly gives money to charity and fights for human rights. The lead singer Brendon is known for being a huge dog lover. Let's let PATD disco know that animals deserve rights too and bulls/horses etc. are just as deserving of kindness as dogs are. 

Rodeos are notorious for their cruelty towards animals. Common rodeo practices include injecting bulls with steroids, calf roping, steer wrestling, intentionally provoking animals get to them to perform, using electric rods and spurs. Animals are frequently overworked and suffer a number of injuries some of which are fatal. Even the ones that survive the events may face being killed later for food. Rodeos are a prime example of humans tormenting animals for the sake of entertainment. Rodeos are so cruel that many cities like my hometown have banned them altogether. Please help educate Panic at the Disco on why supporting rodeos is not in line with the kindness that they otherwise promote.