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The Pangnirtung Greenhouse Corporation will construct two 42' Geodesic Greenhouse Domes in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, during the 2014 Sealift schedule; in 2015, It will construct six additional greenhouses in Iqaluit, four in Clyde River & four in Arviat -- the following year during the 2016 Sealift schedule, greenhouses would be constructed in ALL other Nunavut communities.

Each greenhouse will produce approximately 3250lbs of FRESH & LOCALLY grown fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices as well as cut flowers and house plants; the greenhouses will operate YEAR ROUND and will provide approximately 60lbs of fresh product on a weekly basis. It will also have a hot pots of different vegetable soup as an offering to the public for those two need a free hot meal.

This greenhouse in Pangnirtung alone will employ a greenhouse manager, two assistant greenhouse managers, and three student workers each school year.

It will also work with the Colleges and High Schools to create a working Agricultural, Horticultural & Greenhouse Farming class and have weekly public culinary classes and gardening classes on a "donate what you can to join the class" basis.

The Pangnirtung Greenhouse Corporation is currently seeking support for this project, Please Sign & Share with your friends and the public.

There is also a Naming Competition for the naming of each dome constructed, at the moment the PGC is currently seeking Name Submissions and can be purchased at our campaign at !

Letter to
Pangnirtung Greenhouse Corporation
This letter represents my full support for the establishment of the Pangnirtung Greenhouse Corporation and its construction of Geodesic Greenhouse Domes in Pangnirtung in 2014, in Iqaluit, Clyde River and Arviat in 2015; and in all other communities in 2016 during the Sealift Schedules.

I understand that the initial construction in Pangnirtung will take place during the 2014 Sealift schedule; the PGC will construct two 42' Geodesic Greenhouse Domes in Pangnirtung and it is expected to output an approximate 3250lbs per Geodesic Greenhouse Dome of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, cut flowers and house plants annually.

I believe that this project will not only benefit the community by providing fresh produce, but by providing vocational and educational aspects to the community as well as adding to the community infrastructure.

I appreciate the acceptance of this Letter of Support and acknoledge the benefit of this project.