Removal of illegal pig slaughter house at Seegehalli

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Seegehalli is building and developing with lot of residential and commercial space. Health of residents are major concern living in Seegehalli. 
we have more than 7 to 8 high raised apartments with minimum of 400 residents in each of them, always have shown concerns to local authorities to make improvement. There was not much taken into consideration. One of the main thing we bought up was the illegal slaughter house .

the illegal slaughter house is placed in middle of 800 residents causing bad smell through the day . Loud noise of pigs cry starting from 5am every day . Crow and mosquito feeding on pigs . They throw the pigs remains on the road and make it more disgusting . There is a high chances of swin flu. Other dangerous disease to be caused due to this . We had reported the same to the local authorities but no action is taken . 
We have raised police complain, written complain to panchayat, notification to MLA but not anyone responded .
we residents got together have also intimated a peaceful citizenship rights walk in the area . Raised issues about Garbage dumping, Shops on foot paths, pot holes , women’s safety,  Improper roads . we as residents of Seegehalli expect a healthy and safe environment.