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Please add a LOG video profile to the GX85/GX80

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In May 2016, Panasonic announced their new camera: the GX85. With its revolutionary 5-axis stabilization and 4K video, it began a new era for Panasonic users.

However, users and potential customers see themselves limited in their creative decisions because Panasonic has not included a "log" video profile.

This type of filming profile allows the camera to capture a much more neutral image that can later be retouched in post-production to the taste of the content creator. 

Even cameras in the same range, like the Panasonic G7, have Cinelike D and V profiles, that allow for better color manipulation for more serious video work.

While we understand that Panasonic need to maintain a sustainable business model  by separating its product lineup, users of the GX85 feel cheated out of a basic function that is not only a must-have in the industry, but is also offered by competitors even below the price-point of the GX85. 

We ask, therefore, that Panasonic introduce a firmware update to include a "log" profile or a Cinelike-V or Cinelike-D profile to Panasonic GX85, so that we, the users, we who have purchased the camera and have opted to be Panasonic customers, can make full use of what is otherwise a ground-breaking product.

Thank you. 

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