Palo Alto for A Ban on Single Use Plastic

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PLASTIC POLLUTION is devastating our oceans, killing off marine life, and posing a serious threat to our health when it degrades and enters our food and water supply.

We ask the City of Palo Alto to protect our health and environment by banning single use plastic now. Berkeley has already banned single-use plastic foodware by mid 2020. Why can't we do the same?

Our health and environment can't afford to wait until 2025, when full implementation of the Foodware Packaging Reduction Plan is proposed to take place.

This petition supports an expedited timeline to phase in the Foodware Items Reduction Plan and the Zero Waste Palo Alto initiative to:

1. Reduce single-use, disposable foodware items generated in Palo Alto,
2. Encourage reusable foodware items,
3. Ensure that single-use disposable items are effectively recycled or composted.

We stand with the UN, Green Peace, Sierra Club and others in advocating that the real solution to plastic pollution is prevention, and banning single-use plastic. 

Please sign this petition and let City Council know that single-use plastic is a serious concern that should be addressed as soon as possible. Each signature is a vote for our health, and the health of our planet!