Ban Testing on Animals in Colleges

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When people hear the words "Animal Testing", they only think of cosmetics and hair products. People don't think about how testing on animals is also used for scientific research. There is known to be that a handful of colleges test on animals in a cruel and harmful way. Sadly, testing on animals in colleges is quite a frequent thing that happens throughout each year. 

The ugly side of colleges testing on animals:

Depending on the animals that are being tested on, some of those animals bodies don't react the same as human bodies would. For example, a bird may have a negative reaction to the treatment compared to a mouse that has a positive reaction to the cruel treatment. 

There have been colleges that will electrocute dogs and sometimes manage to give animals painkillers incorrectly. There are guinea pigs and rabbits dying all because they weren't given pain medication during or after their surgeries. Even though those people who test on them will claim that they are "just animals", they do not understand that animals have a heart and feelings as well. No matter what, animals should be treated equally. Animals are like humans, how would you feel if one of our own was getting tested on?

Some Colleges that test on animals: 

  1. The University of Nebraska- Lincoln: The university utilizes the Meat Animal Research Centers lab as to teach veterinary students about caring for animals. The university owned all the animals who were subjected to the centers cruel experimentation until recently. Experiements performed here include attempting to create "easy care: lambs, which is exactly as bad  as it sounds. Basically Lambs were left alone after being abandoned by their mothers until they died in order to create lambs that require less maintenance. 
  2. University of Oklahoma: This university was given a citation for hosing down infant monkeys with water and left them being exposed to hypothermia. If that was not bad enough, the university was also cited for electrocuting dogs and giving animals incorrect pain killers. This university has recently gotten in trouble for failing to follow research protocols. There have been at least eleven incidents where guinea pigs bled to death, rabbits that underwent a procedure without pain reliever (buprenorphine) and hosing down baby baboons. 
  3. University of Washington: This university got in trouble with countless incidents when anesthesia was not properly administered to animals during experimental surgical procedures. This school also responsible for 30 rabbits who were not given medication post surgery. Their staff was also given a citation for mishandling animals like rabbits and putting them in extreme danger. 
  4. University of Texas A&M: Used to test on golden retrievers that had a specific disease to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy that effects mostly boys and men at a rate of about one in 5,000 births. They are also breeding those dogs with the diseases to continue testing on the animals. The research team couldn't adjust the water so the dogs were left in cold showers, those poor dogs got giardiasis(a severe parasite caused from overcrowding, stressful conditions, and an clean environment). The cruel people would also stretch the dogs muscles with levers, swelled their tongues and broke their jaws. 
  5. Baylor University: This university has a research laboratory that houses fish, rats and mice. They do behavioral testing on the animals for anxiety, memory seizures and autism. The school also hoses down monkeys leaving them exposed to hypothermia, houses baboons in cages filled with excrement, electrocuting dogs and administering anesthesia.

NOW it is time to make a difference and help stop colleges from testing on animals. The choice is yours to make! Remember animals can't speak up for themselves so we have to be the ones who do. Every person who helps us sign the petition will help be the change, one person at a time.