Save the Jupiter High School Agriculture Department!

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Jupiter High's beautiful plant nursery is going to be cut down within the next year to make room for more big, ugly portables. This plant nursery is where many of the horticulture classes have taken place for years, and where students learn valuable things about the natural world around them. The horticulture program and FFA club has been home to so many students through the years. Many studies show that when youth spend less time in nature, they have higher risk of heart problems, depression, anxiety, and obesity. Being outside and around nature also promotes concentration and critical thinking skills. Striking down the nursery shows students and parents that Jupiter High and the greater Palm Beach County school district believes that buildings are more important than the agricultural education, and altogether health of our youth. They may learn calculus, but they will never learn Florida's native plants, how to identify potentially harmful insects, how to live self sustainably and grow food, or how to work with your hands. Agriculture has been the backbone of civilization ever since its genesis, and by letting go of this, we lose some of what makes us human. We are not just students - we are people, and this is our school too.