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Disband Palisades Interstate Park Police

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This is important because the Palisades Parkway Police are a hassle to many drivers as the 12 mile stretch of the highway they patrol has an absurd speed limit of 50 MPH which nearly everyone on the road breaks when they drive past it, so this is clearly a power grab for the Palisades Police to make more money off of giving out tickets to regular citizens, as the Palisades Interstate Police is literally an entire police department for a twelve mile stretch on the Palisades Parkway.

In 2003 the amount of motor vehicle summons went up from about 7,388 summons to nearly 20,000 a year over the last several years. The department has a budget of 2.5 million dollars, 1.7 million comes directly from the infamous Alpine court.

Ultimately the idea of this petition is to show the publics support to transfer the duties of the Palisades Parkway Police to a more respectable police department such as the Bergen County Police and to make the Palisades Parkway a more pleasant road to drive on.

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