Stop Palace Cinemas screening 'The Red Pill' film

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Kino Cinema in Melbourne is scheduled to screen misogynistic propaganda film ‘The Red Pill’ in just over two weeks.

Film-maker Cassie Jaye follows members of online hate-group ‘The Red Pill,’ known to most as the sexist cesspit of the internet. The general plotline goes something like this: ‘feminist’ Jaye decides to investigate rape-culture, opens the first hit on Google (Red Pill) and before she knows it, she has seen the light and converted to ‘meninism.’

The documentaries star, A Voice for Men's Paul Elam, is a pro-rape racist who in 2010 wrote: “Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.”

He also claimed online that young women walk through life “with the equivalent of a “I'M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH — PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads.” (Thank you to Alan Scherstuhl for these particularly offensive quotes. Quotes taken from his film review here: )

In a country where one in three women are victims of gender-based violence, it is repulsive to legitimise and promote this behaviour.

This is the kind of disgusting, violent message that is totally out of line with Australian values and law - earlier this year, Peter Dutton refused a visa to “red-pilled” Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh, and in 2014 Julien Blanc also had his visa cancelled.

Please do not associate your cinema with the kind of people who teach men how to violate women physically and emotionally. Please stand with the women everywhere, and do not promote misogynistic hate.

Please CANCEL your screening of ‘The Red Pill.’

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