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A petition by community members for an end to "Homeless Feed's" in Pacific Beach, Ca

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           The weekly dinners for the homeless population in Pacific Beach are contributing to the complacently and habitual state of their homelessness. Because of this, it is our point of view that these homeless dinners being done nightly, every week so close to our residences, is a contributing source attracting crime to our neighborhood. It's now more than apparent after many years that this seems to be one of many other reasons that we have such a local population of homeless that never leave or attempt to get off the streets "here".

           We exercise the right to demand an end to the homeless dinners 6 days every week because it attracts competent/incompetent unfavorable persons by which how they live their lives. For too long has this transpired without accountability of the local churches and we demand immediate legitimate recognition of this petition as it accumulates in signatures. We want accountability from local churches! We do recognize the local churches existing right to exercising first amendment rights on their private property. 

           We are now burdened with the negative impact of these homeless feeds are having on our safety, property value and local churches are adding to on top of our town already the alcohol & drug-fueled world famous tourist destination it is, a noticeable source contributing to our local larceny problem that is out-of-control. Anything from packages, mail, patio furniture, children's bicycles, bicycles are just some of the personal items stolen on a daily basis here in Pacific Beach. WE MUST START SOMEWHERE AND THIS IS WHERE. 


If the churches are willing to accommodate certain policy changes then we would no longer pursue this petition any further. We will then move on to addressing the alcohol and drug problem next, but after we get everyone together and on the same page. In exchange to continue the homeless feeds here in our residential neighborhood we would like to see the following:

1) Sign in sheet for all participating church feeds. This will be for record keeping, statistical and community safety purposes.

2) Men, women and or transgender 18 years old to 50 years of age will not eat until they show proof of enrollment in a program, for all purposes(ex. pb street guardians, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Court Ordered, Church programs etc...) This will be enforced as strictly as possible the aim is to force accountability from the participating individual.

3) Relocate the feeds away from residential dwellings. 

4) After 360 days an individual can no longer receive meals and participate.

After one year an individual should be well on their way getting to be self-sufficient.  And we think it's in the best interest of the churches themselves to start tallying those who participate year after year so those individuals could get the help they need. Because it's not normal to be homeless for that long and it those individuals that need psychiatric services which local churches aren't offering!!!! 

We hope for change and hope churches and we alike can make Pacific Beach a more organized community.



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