Reduce Tuition at Pace University for Hybrid and Online Semester Due to COVID-19 Dangers

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Due to Covid-19, Pace University students were sent home early in the Spring semester, where they were moved online and dealt with a lowered quality of classes and didn't get money back for the facilities not in use. While we acknowledge the difficulty for the teachers in this moment, the dangers of Covid on campus and the reduced quality of the online education have led the students to feel that the same tuition price is unacceptable to pay for the Fall Semester, much less now that the price has actually been raised and thousands of families are suffering from the levels of unemployment and economic fallout from the pandemic. The education is not the same, and the price of tuition should not remain the same. Furthermore, social distancing protocols will mean that students are paying money for several facilities and on campus fees that will not be used during the Fall semester. We ask Pace University to acknowledge the families of its students, the financial strain that it is imposing, and the difficulties that we are all facing together, so that students can return to classes feeling safe, unburdened by huge tuition payments, and cared for by their college by the reduction of tuition.