Fire Larry Scott

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To: Pac-12 Fans, University Presidents & Athletic Directors:

With Larry Scott at the helm of the Pac-12 Conference, the conference has turned from a Power-5 Conference and the "Conference of Champions" to a "sometimes" Power-5 Conference. Since Scott took the helm in 2009, he has completely failed in securing legitimate distribution for the Pac-12 Networks, costing not only Pac-12 schools valuable visibility, but also costing loyal fans of each school hundreds of dollars to either switch providers or add service to their current provider. In addition, the lack of visibility is hurting the Pac-12 schools considerably on the recruiting and advertising side. Because the Pac-12 Network has many fewer eyeballs on it, ad revenue is significantly smaller than that of other conferences and potential recruits may not be able to watch a Pac-12 school of choice due to the lack of availability. This was on full display during the Pac-12 Conference football Championship. "Get in" prices on StubHub dropped as low as $12 prior to gametime, that's 4x less than the ACC and a whopping 22x less than the SEC. Despite all of this, Larry Scott's salary is more than 2x of his SEC counterpart despite the SEC having more NCAA Basketball champions than the Pac-12 has Final Four participants over the last decade. Similarly, the SEC has more football championships, than the Pac-12 has Playoff & Championship game appearances.

The Pac-12's lack of visibility is becoming clear on on the fields & courts alike. Under Scott's leadership, one Pac-12 team has made the Final Four, and similarly, only two Pac-12 schools have made the CFP Championship & playoff games over the last decade plus of his leadership. Pac-12 participants are also seeing a dime on the dollar compared to other Athletic Departments. With less resources on such a consistent basis Larry Scott is making competing with other Power-5 Conferences considerably harder. We as Pac-12 fans urge the conference to make a change before the Pac-12 drops out of the "Power" schools all-together. 

This change is not meant to be harsh or rude in any way. Larry Scott has been working for the Pac-12 for a decade and has consistently under-performed. This is strictly performance based and not a reflection on his character. Please refrain from derogatory comments as this is to benefit the conference not inflict pain on him nor his family.