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Stop painfully killing street animals with POISON

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This hate towards the animals must be stopped!! If the government is killing animals with cold blood, how can we expect the people in kuwait both kuwaitis and expats to be good to animals? How do we convince them to not torture animals if the supreme power is not leading by example?

120 more signatures to reach 2500!!! a committee is trying to get the signature list to be viewed by authorities and show how much damage it is doing to the country's reputation and possibly change the way stray dog population is controlled. Can you help the dogs??

17 June 2012

Kuwait does not have any law enforcement for protecting the animals, whether it's a stray animal, an abused pet, or wild animals.

We need your help to spread the word, because the only way to get anything moving forward here is by applying international media pressure that causes authorities to realize how embarrassing it is to not protect the helpless animals.

Abuse is done daily in the streets by children poking dogs' eyes out, tying cats' hind legs to each other so it cannot walk, and dies of dehydration and starvation, or even in public like a dog tied outside in Kuwait's killing sun with not even a shade or water or food. Everything is so difficult here without your signature and 2 words on how you feel about this. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said it's impossible to do anything if you do not sign this and help me show how the world does not accept this treatment to the animals.

Really even if we see an animal abuser in the street there is absolutely nothing that we can do to the abuser, the best scenario is help the animal temporarily by giving water or provide medical care or say 2 words to the abuser, but the animal goes back to the abuser.... sigh. please sign and share they really need your help.


This is the Friday Market in Kuwait, the most famous animal market where you can find every type of animal and really every class of abuse... please sign this petition too


Regards and thank you so much for caring enough to give 10 minutes of your time to read my thoughts and signing the 2 petitions.

Love you from the bottom of my heart you kindhearted stranger.



Feb 2012:

It's unbelievably cruel, selfish and irresponsible to control street animals by killing them with poison. The poison is causing pain, twitches and nervous breakdown to the animal who is experiencing unbearable pain just before death. Animal lovers in Kuwait support the animal population control but not through inhumane killings that is putting the animal into great sufferings before they finally rest.

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