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Pa. welfare dept. to cut food stamps from 2 children while their single father is in the hospital with 2 shattered legs.

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I am a 44yr. old single father who has been unemployeed since November 2011. I have 2 boys 12 & 8. I had an accident on 3/31/2012 in which both of my legs were shattered and required immediate surgery. This also required for me to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility for 2-4 month stay. I am to have physical therapy there 5x a week and 24/7 nursing care with meds and hygiene. I am unable to walk or stand. Since my stay here at the facility, I've had my medical turned off. My wheelchair got "repossesed" while I was in it. After I DID ALL the "leg" work by getting my medical insurance back on; a week later I get 2 notices from Pa. Dept. of Welfare. 1 saying medical, and food stamps are on and raised. The other said my food stamps are being terminated on 6/01/2012 as well as the medical for my children! It's because I'm in a medical facility!!! Really!!?? 2 more months for my stay. So MY CHILDREN have to starve? Then what? Family services take my children from me? So now I am forced to make a decision to withdrawl myself from the specific care that I am getting now, to go home to make sure my kids have food to eat. They have been fine with care thus far from my elderly mother and my girlfriend. So WHY can't the Pa. Dept. of Welfare just take out the money from the food stamps since I eat at the nursing facility and leave my kids out of it. They are already upset that their Dad is hurting and in the hospital. Now they have to deal with this crap. So instead of Pa. Welfare spending, max $400-$500 for my last 2 month stay. They will now be forced to pay....thousands in medical equipment, supplies, medications at my home, therapist coming to my home and etc. Now my recovery and rehabilitation are threatened. Someone has to suffer in this situation and I rather it would be me rather than my children. But really, all of this for what? To save a few dollars? Some of the workers in the Pa. Welfare office act like the money is coming out of their pocket. If; God forbid, this happened to one their family members I bet their situation would be much different. We need to find out and change the rules or even if it is REALLY a rule. Or is it just someone there in that office, THEIR CHOICE or DECISION. I am so stressed out now and worried. Worried that this could AND will happen to someone else that really needs the help. I thought that this is why we pay taxes, to have that much needed help/assistance when we need it. WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS! WE NEED TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING TO SOMEONE ELSE....ESPECIALLY TO THOSE OF US WITH CHILDREN.

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