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PA Governor Tom Corbett, PA Senate, PA House of Representatives: Revise the current Pennsylvania laws that allow for the destruction of dogs

Current Pennsylvania laws found within the Pennsylvania Dog Law and Pennsylvania Game & Wildlife Code that allow for the destruction of dogs by shooting are in need of immediate attention. These laws, some over a century old, contain vague language that constitutes neither reasonable nor ethical justification for killing a dog. These laws need to be revised into more modern laws that coincide with Pennsylvania's suburban growth trend. Specific verbage including but not limited to "pursuing" and "chasing" needs to be addressed, as these actions do not necessarily indicate that the dog in question is posing an immediate threat to or endangering the life of the animal it is chasing or pursuing, which would question the need for immediate lethal force to control the dog. The goal of such revisions to these laws is to provide for the safety of domestic dogs as well as the safety of other domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife in a fair and ethical manner.


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    PA State Representative Sam Smith
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    PA Governor Tom Corbett
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