Oxford University to REVOKE Ntokozo Qwabe's scholarship or initiate disciplinary actions

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Oxford University to REVOKE Ntokozo Qwabe's scholarship or initiate disciplinary actions

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Jan Hendrik Ferreira started this petition to oxford and

Dear Louise Richardson -Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford Please accept this signed petition as an official request for your institution to revoke Mr Ntokozo Qwabe's Oxford scholarship, or at the very least, initiate disciplinary action for his recent cowardly and disrespectful behaviour displayed towards a working class female citizen in a Cape Town cafe.

Mr Ntokozo Qwabe and friend(s) violated a person’s dignity, publicly degraded and humiliated her, and created a highly offensive situation which Mr Ntokozo Qwabe has since taken great pleasure in narcissistically boasting over her reaction across social media.   

Mr Ntokozo Qwabe clearly does not uphold the values expected of an institution such as Oxford University and his actions have ultimately brought your educational establishment’s image into disrepute. We ask the university to consider the irony that Mr Ntokozo Qwabe is pursuing a career in Law when his personal conduct in this situation is highly questionable.

Whilst it is understood that student confidentiality is important for any educational establishment, and it’s likely that you will be obligated to honour this confidentiality to “protect” him, but please note that Mr Ntokozo Qwabe did not display any such integrity or honourable behaviour towards the waitress. 

I would also like to inform the public of the criteria which are used in the selection of Rhodes Scholars (I want to especially highlight two):

1.  "Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship." 

2.  "Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one's fellow beings."

source:  http://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/rhodesscholarship/about-the-rhodes-scholarships

Mr Ntokozo Qwabe, one of the leaders of the Rhodes Must Fall movement at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, boasted on Facebook about the way he and friends treated waitress, Ashleigh Schultz, at a cafe in Observatory, Cape Town.

Schultz was reportedly reduced to tears after they wrote on the bill: “We will give tip when you return land.”

Following the incident, two separate online campaigns were initiated to raise money for the waitress, purportedly in a show of solidarity against racism and bullying.

 One of the online campaigns was triggered by an outraged South African, Sihle Ngobese, who decided to pay the tip himself and said: ‘Qwabe is someone that claims to speak to the downtrodden and the disenfranchised yet he has the audacity to bully a working-class young woman.

Here is mr Qwabe's full Facebook post (This post was later removed by FACEBOOK for breaking community rules) :

“LOL wow unable to stop smiling because something so black, wonderful & LIT just happened! And of course, the catalyst was a radical non-binary trans black activist – Wandile Dlamini – from the Rhodes Must Fall movement. Because trans activists have BEEN the ultimate blessers of this decolonial struggle! To cut the long story short, we are out at Obz Cafe with the said activist, and the time for the bill comes. Our waitress is a white woman. I ask the said activist what the going rate for tips/gratuity is in these shores. They look at me very reluctantly and they say ‘give me the slip, I’ll sort that out’. I give them the slip.

They take a pen & slip in a note where the gratuity/tip amount is supposed to be entered. The note reads in bold: “WE WILL GIVE TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND”. The waitress comes to us with a card machine for the bill to be sorted out. She sees the note & starts shaking. She leaves us & bursts into typical white tears (like why are you crying when all we’ve done is make a kind request? lol!). Anyways, so this white woman goes to her colleagues who are furious. She exits to cry at the back & a white male colleague of hers reluctantly comes out to address us & to annoy us more with his own white tears telling us that he finds our act “racist”.

We then start breaking it down for this white man & ask him why they are catching feelings when we haven’t even started (like the part where we take up arms hasn’t even come & yall are already out here drowning us in your white tears? Really white people? Wow.). We start drawing him to the political nature of the act & why we couldn’t be bothered that they decided to catch feelings from the note. We tell him it’s great that business as usual has stopped & the pressing issue of land is now on the agenda in that space – seeing the country was celebrating ‘Freedom Day’ yesterday. We then chase him back to do his job. And continue with our conversation before exiting the café.

Moral of the story: the time has come when no white person will be absolved. We are tired of “not all white people” and all other bullshit. We are here, and we want the stolen land back. No white person will be out here living their best life while we are out here being a landless and dispossessed black mass. NO white person shall rest. It is irrelevant whether you personally have land/wealth or you don’t. Go to your fellow white people & mobilise for them to give us the land back. That will be the starting point of all our interactions from now. We will agitate all our spaces with the big question: WHERE IS THE LAND?

Thank you to all the non binary, trans & all other black bodies who have been at the helm of this decolonial moment in the settler colony known as South Afrika. NOTHING will ever be the same again. Alibuye Izwe Lethu!”


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This petition had 46,811 supporters

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