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Change Your Definition of The Word "Speech"

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Majority of us use Google, and as we know; if we aren't sure of something. We as people will turn to Our phones and look up the definition of a word, on what we call, The Internet. 

Google currently uses the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English as its English definitions provider.

Currently, when you search the word "speech" the sentence following the definition as an example for how to use it is: 

"he was born deaf and without the power of speech"

Although it doesn't affect me all that much, it could potentially be impeding to some. There's no reason that the sentence used couldn't be shortened to:

"The Power Of Speech"

Sure, leave it as a synonym if you feel its needed. But ask yourself this; why does it need to be there twice? Why does it need to be what we put in people's heads as their definition of Speech?


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