Get The Oxford Area High School Wood Shop and Graphic Design Programs BACK!

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As some of you may or may not know, the Oxford Area School district has decided to cut Graphic Design and Wood Shop from the offered classes at the high school. This news sent a wave of utter despair for many students who either got to enjoy these classes or students who wished to take these classes through their remaining years of high school. Upcoming students for years to follow will never get the chance to experience the pure joy and valuable knowledge these classes offered. Before getting into why these classes are so important, it is critical to go back to the purpose of school in the first place.


In this ever changing world people easily forget what stays the same. They take for granted why we are all here in the first place. This is the foundation which we stand on and without it we could never stand at all. The mission statement of Oxford Area School District as stated on the school website says, “The mission of the Oxford Area School District is to have all students achieve academic excellence in a safe and nurturing environment. In partnership with families and the community, we will prepare each student to be a confident, contributing, productive and responsible citizen.” This statement is the foundation on which the Oxford Area School District stands on. The district promises they will “prepare each student to be a confident, contributing, productive and responsible citizen.” Now many students are wondering if this mission statement is still being achieved. Is the Oxford Area School District still upholding the promise they made to the citizens of the district? This petition and its signatures state this is not the case. The Oxford Area School District must bring back these beloved electives to truly uphold their mission statement.


Graphic design and Wood shop play a key role in the flow of society. These jobs are usually first discovered by students in high school who get put into the elective. They may choose it because they think it will be an easy A but end up falling in love with the creativity and importance of these skills. Students may also join these classes because they already have an interest in such fields but lack the tools to truly learn and execute them properly. This is especially true for wood shop due to the use of dangerous and expensive power tools which very few people have access to. Without the introduction to these electives in high school, students many never get the chance to dive into this extraordinary new world. We all know the risk of jumping into a craft we know nothing about and with the amount of money college and technical schools are, who would want to risk trying a skill like wood working or graphic design when they never even got to dip their toes in to see how the water felt.


Lastly let’s take a look at the importance of these electives after high school. Wood shop and graphic design both play a crucial part in the world we call home. Without them we would be in unfamiliar territory... and without a home. We see the effects of these careers everyday from the houses we call home to company logos. Wood shop brings so many uses that are critical to everyday living and graphic design brings the important job of conveying a message through a creative and aesthetically pleasing way. Without it business start ups may never catch the attention of their audience and fail to make it off the ground. We all want to launch into the stars and the world of graphic design is what carries us there. These are the practical benefits of these careers and fields but to many pursuing these options see them as much more.


The sun has only just risen as you make your way to first period. The day ahead of you bares it’s teeth and you worry you won’t make it. As you cross the threshold of your favorite class you turn to that familiar smiling face. They say, “good morning! Take your seat and we will get started soon,” and you forget the dreaded day which once seemed at your finger tips  and has moved further into the back of your mind. You see the familiar faces around you and as the hum of the AC along with the murmur of high school gossip blends into white noise your thoughts grab hold of reality. You think to yourself, “This is my safe place.”


Every person knows this safe place. Whether it is a far memory or just at your fingers tips ever part of you wants to grab hold of it. For many students this is what graphic design and wood shop held in store for them. To see it suddenly gone and out of their hands is a nightmare. This is what they want to do for the rest of their life! This is their passion and their home! So Oxford Area School District listen to our cry! Whether we are graduates, current students, parents or fellow teachers we have something to say and we will scream it if we have to.


Let’s bring back our beloved classes in honor of Mr. Kromer and Mrs. Moran. Don’t let these passions die and don’t let these valuable skills look expendable.