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Owners Rights

Whose having problems parking in our community that we pay for from residents to guests?  Who are these people that are making these rules for us to get our cars tow in the middle of the night?  When you go to them to say you need a parking spot what do they tell you?  "Oh!  There is a parking lot across Michelson, you can pay $95/month."  Do you even wonder if they make a cut from the towing to the parking lot across the street or do they own those services?

Merit Property Management is our homeowners association.  We pay them from $350-$900 monthly and that's $4,200-10,800 a year.  For them to say that can't do something, because it's against the rules that they made.  We ask them to do small things to benefits our living situation.  Isn't that why we pay them for?  To make our lives easier.  But instead, late at night they call the towing service to quietly and quickly remove our car right in front of our houses.  WHY EVEN PAY THEM IF THEY'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR US BESIDE COLLECTING CHECKS EVERYWHERE? WHAT'S THE POINT???  Why are they treating us like this when we are the reason why they even have a paycheck?

Merit's rule for guest parking is:  Guests are only allow to stay overnight 10 days in a 90 day period.  What if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who want to stay over night every other night?  Are they saying we can only have your boyfriend/girlfriend stay over night 10 days of a 90 day period? The 11th night they stay over, Merit's rule is subject-to-tow.  This is ridiculous!!!  

Residents can't park in the parking spots that are created right in front of their houses and street, when not a single car ever parks there.  What sense does this make? These are minor issues that can be easily resolved.  If some residents need an extra parking spot, Merit can allow one extra parking permit per household.

Why don't these people worry about important issues like the landscaping with dog feces all over and missing plants here and there because of the wind, or the fleas and bugs in the grass/landscape around where we live. 

Kimberly Nielsen - One of the broad member of HOA of CPW or who is this lady?
Why is this Kimberly Nelson not acknowledge our rights? How can we get a new board members who actually cares about their residents, instead of sitting behind their desk collecting money and ignoring resident emails?  If Kimberly actually respond to you, she basically emails you back to tell you that SHE WON'T or YOU CAN'T do anything about it.  Remember, HOA is to serve us.  We pay them.  We can find another HOA that will meet our needs.

We want our rights.  We need residents to stand together for our rights in the community.  Please help us by signing this petition to change the resident/guest parking rules to:  

*Each household will be issued up to 3 resident parking permits.

*Residents are allowed to park in any parking spots in our neighborhood as long as they have a permit.

*Guest can stay as long as they choose to.  All they have to do is check in with Patrol One by phone, online or in person every night.

*Reasonable "Subject to tow."  Residents/Guests are not allowed to park their cars in one space for more than 72 hours without moving it due to city laws anywhere.  Usually in normal neighborhood, if there is complaint from another resident then, a note should be issued for the car to be moved within 24 hrs or it will be subject to tow.  No parking in the loading zone or fire lanes.   Breaking these rules, you car will be tow.

If you agree with these changes please sign this petition with your name, email address, and street address.  Please spread this link to your neighbors and roommates.  

Thanks so much for your time!

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