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Owners of PT. Stella Maris International Education Indonesia: STELLA MARIS, STOP VIOLATING LAWS AND HUMAN RIGHTS!

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PT Stella Maris International Education has violated the law and human rights against the workers




THIS SCHOOL belongs to GOD once was the slogan of the Stella Maris International School as a well-known Catholic school. The school that has been operating from 18 years employs around 300 workers with approximately 1800 students at two locations, Gading Serpong and Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Indonesia. As a school with franchise system, PT SMIE also has other schools in Jakarta and Jambi as well as Yogyakarta that is just opened couple days ago. This school, owned by the Senjaya family, where 2 children of Drg Strella Senjaya are in the top leadership and decisionmakers, Michels Senjaya (Director) and Pierre Senjaya (Deputy Director).


Beside as the Deputy Director, Pierre Senjaya also builds his own popularity as a educational practitioner and consultant in a variety of foundation and corporates in Indonesia and other countries. Pierre Senjaya also served as CEO and Chairman of Success Academy and of Asia One Consultant. As someone who aspires to be a popular motivator, Pierre Senjaya have a number of colleagues who are active at the same fields, such as Bong Chandra, Andrie Wongso, James Gwee etc.. In his book,The Billionaire Codes, Tjahaya Basuki Purnama (the Vice Governor of Jakarta) also wrote comments.


However, the good image built by the owners of the school is apparently in contrast to the situation experienced by the workers, as shown acccordingly in the press release of INERU Indonesia related to the mistreatment of PT Stella Maris International Education (an International School) to their two (2) employees,Ericson Sirait and Yohana Paulana Suryanti who are also the Chairperson and Secretary of the Worker Union of PT. SMIE in Gading Serpong. Currently Ericson Sirait and Yohana Paulana Suryanti are outside the school and banned to enter the school premises as pictured in the followings:



1.       On August 24, 2012, questioning the management of the school related to the unpaid overtime allowance amounted to Rp. 1. 158. 000, yet did not receive any good response.

2.       On August 30, 2012 morning, being informed that the management stop the  scholarship of his child

3.       On August 30, 2012 afternoon, received warning letter 2  (dated August 24, 2012)

4.       On September 10, 2012 at 17. 00 pm, called by the Head of Corporace Service and being noticed that starting September 11, 2012 was banned from entering school premises

5.       On September 12, 2012, came to office as usual but being detained by the security personnel, allowed to fill the attendance, but then being expelled from the school premises

6.       On September 13, 2012, came to office but could not pass the gate and banned from entering the school premises even only to fill the attendance, physical clashes almost happened with the security personnel.



1.       On September 11, 2012, called by the Head of Corporate Service saying that they fired her (the dismissal letter dated back of 1 September 2012 was not handed to the worker unless she agreed to withdraw all reports on the violations of the laws and human rights by the company)

2.       One September 12, 2012, banned from entering the school premises, allowed to fill attendance by the security personnel yet afterwards expelled from school site

3.       On September 13, 2012, banner from entering the school premises, the gates were closed anad locked when the worker wished to enter the school.


We believed that the company's brutal action was done as revenge against the employees due to their plans to form worker union and fight for the improvements of the poor working conditions in their workplace. For example, the company/school management has paid the dues of the workers’ social security  only based on the basic salary not overall wages of which is violating the Act No 3 year 1992 and has created big loss for workers.  The violation of Act No 3 year 1992 has been examined and acknowledged in the Notes of the Department of Manpower, Tangerang District, yet the company continues to ignore it. Timson Simanullang, a former teacher at the school, had even reported the alleged embezzlement of last wage by the company to the Tangerang Resort Police, and is currently on the process of examination of witnesses. Other violations are related to the unpaid overtime allowance, detention of the workers’ academic original certificate not for crimes or loan, implementation of contract system for positions in core business of which violated the Labour Law 13 year 2003, un-full wage paid during maternity leave, the removal of some nominal of the fixed allowance every year, etc. Those industrial disputes cases have been reported to the Dept of Manpower of Tangerang Region, and on September 182012, the worker has also reported the owner of this company to the Resort Police of Tangerang with report receipt of: TBL/3351/IX/2012/Resta Tangerang. Pierre  Senjaya is the reported party.


Rallying international petition with major target to:

1.       Urge the management to reinstate Ericson Sirait and Yohana Paulana Suryanti back to their position

2.       Recognize and respect the existence of the Worker Union and stop intimidation to the members of the Worker Union

3.       Pay the normative rights of the employers that has been violated for years and fulfil the demands related to the rights of the workers.


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