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Owner: Stop the Swimming With Dolphins Program at the Melka Resort in Bali

Help stop the mistreatment to these dolphins in bad living conditions at this resort in Bali! These dolphins are living in poor conditions, while being put under huge amounts of stress by being forced to participate in multiple shows and swim-with-dolphin programs a day. This is very detrimental to their health and well-being.


These wild-caught dolphins are being exploited for profit, and need help! Although the facility has only been open for 6 years, 3 of the original 4 dolphins has died. How could this happen if these dolphin facilities claim to have their dolphins out-live their wild relatives? please sign and show your dissaproval for the way these beautiful animals are being treated, and demand a change!

Letter to
Owner Karl Gunther
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Karl Gunther.


I am aware of our swim-with-dolphins program that you have at this resort. It is my belief that this is a mistreatment and exploitation of one of nature's greatest creatures. These animals should not be living in these conditions, or be subjected to the stresses of swimming with so many strange people, and performing so many mindless shows per day.

I must implore you to shut down this program, or at least lessen the amount of swimming sessions and shows done daily, because this program truly is detrimental to the health of these animals. You will not be receiving any of my business, or my friends' and family's business, until you improve these conditions.



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