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Give alison groundchele johnvris the vriskan url

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I could do wonders to this fandom if you let me

I will march us down the pATH TO VICTORY


Having someone using the url will boost morale, spread awareness of the ship. I promise if you let me have this url I will work wonders for this fandom. The tag will come alive with fanart and fanfics. Ask any one of my followers how I single handedly awakened the Groundchele ship fandom (no honestly check with anyone in the glee fandom. They will tell you of me, of the mass amount of groundchele shippers I recruited.) WE WILL RISE FROM OUR ASHES TO A NEW ERA. A RENAISSANCE OF VRISKAN!!!! ALL FOR US!!!! And you can help make that happen. You will share the credit in awakening this fandom from its grave. If you'd only let it happen.

If you have any doubts about me not being tagged in the vriskan tag please feel free to browse the johnvris tag and note how I'm not tagged in it. Everytime someone tags me johnvris I make absolutely sure I remind them to tag me groundchele. So much so that my friends even joke about it.

It's something I'm very anal about and I can assure you I will stay on top and alert at all times that I will not be tagged if granted the vriskan url.

Fanart will be a plenty.

Fanfics will rain from the sky.

And playlists will ring through every corner of tumblr.

Tonight we dine on croissants and M&Ms my children.

Please. I'm asking you to look inside yourself and find the strength to trust me.

If you are the owner of the url have anymore questions message me and I will write you out a detailed plan including charts as to how I plan on waking this fandom. 

My aspect is hope.

And I hope you'll let me work my magic.


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