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Stop Union Busting in your Company

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Petition to Support Luviana, a Female Journalist of Metro TV, released from her duty for initiating Worker Union at her Work Place

Dear colleagues,

Luviana is a female Journalist of Metro TV, a national TV Station in Indonesia broadcasting news, who has been released from her duty after 10 years of service as Assistant to Producer. She was released from her job by the management of Metro TV due to her activity on initiating a worker union at her workplace and campaigning programs that promote human rights and gender equality. After being released from her duty, Luviana has been trying any ways to conduct negotiation with the management with the support of AJI Jakarta (Alliance of Independent Journalist – Jakarta) and Aliansi Metro (Alliance of Fight Against Restoration Mask – an alliance formed to fight for Luviana’s case). Yet, all negotiation is merely banging the wall since the management and editors of Metro TV put no concerns on this case. Even worse, on April 11, 2012, the management of Metro TV instructed their security to forbid Luviana from entering the office building.

The management of Metro TV has shown their resistance to any efforts to negotiation and acts against Luviana without compromising. The Chief Editor of Metro TV has been uneased by Luviana’s activity when she organized her colleagues to initiate a worker union at their workplace. As an assistant to producer, Luviana also remind them to the materials they broadcast that are not sensitive to issues of gender equality and human rights, such as Luviana’s objection on news material which broadcasting vividly faces of women who have been arrested by the police officers accused as prostitutes (of which not all were proven right)

As a TV station which always promoting themselves as the “voice” of democracy, human rights, and gender equality values, the management and editors of Metro TV have turned themselves as irony, especially since lately Metro TV is also continuously campaigning the Restoration of Indonesia, a campaign to rebuild Indonesia and the world to be better place.

We call for supports and petition to help Luviana to urge Metro TV to immediately stop their arrogancy and union busting practice against Luviana. Luviana is not the first victim amongs workers who have been trying to fight for their rights. Detailed information related to the Metro TV can also be accessed through their web site:

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In Solidarity

Aliansi METRO (Alliance to Fight Against Restoration Mask )

Members of Aliansi METRO (Melawan Topeng Restorasi) : Kontras, FPPI-Front Perjuangan Pemuda Indonesia, INFID, Salud, Komunitas Kedai Kopi Bhinneka, Migrant Care,Kapal Perempuan, PBHI Jakarta, AJI Jakarta, AJI Indonesia, Jurnal Perempuan, Inspirasi Indonesia, FMKJ-Forum Masyarakat Kota Jakarta, Aliansi Petani Indonesia, Somasi -solidaritas Mahasiswa Untuk Demokrasi, LBH Pers, Central Board of National Union Confederation (DPP Konfederasi Serikat Nasional), LBH Jakarta, AMAN- Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara, Federasi Serikat Pekerja Media Independen, Sekar Indosiar, FKI KSPSI Bekasi, Serikat Pekerja KBR 68H, KASBI, SRMI, FSNN-Federasi Serikat Nelayan Nusantara, SPSI, Barisan Perempuan Indonesia, SMI Jakarta, LPM Media Kampus, FPBJ Forum Perjuangan Buruh Jakarta, SBTPI Serikat Buruh Transportasi Pelabuhan Indonesia, Poros Wartawan Jakarta (PWJ), Aliansi Nasional Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (ANBTI), Perempuan Mahardhika, Repdem, Paguyuban anti Penggusuran Jakarta (Pawang), Forum Alumni Mahasiswa Atmajaya Yogyakarta, Sekber Buruh.

Contact Person:

Kustiah, Coordinator of Aliansi METRO +62- 8170565654
Umar Idris, Chairperson of AJI Jakarta, +62- 818111201
Soleh Ali, Director of Litigation, LBH Pers, +62- 81585160177
Khamid Istakhori, Central Board of National Union Confederation (DPP KSN), +62- 81284837137
Mariana Amiruddin, Women Journal, +62- 8174914315
Nining Elitos, Chairperson of KASBI, +62- 81317331801


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